Field Sales Mobile App

The Field Sales App enriches the productivity of your sales representatives during customer visits, better planning and tracking and provides your executives with critical insights in the sales process.

From financial services companies to FMCG manufacturers; nearly every sales team requires leveraging technology to streamline operations, controlling costs and overheads and reducing turnaround time.

Key challenges for field sales rep:

  • Reduction in sales due to the inability to place orders in real time
  • High overheads including unnecessary paper work, phone calls, visits, etc.
  • Manual paper based sales order entry
  • Inability to verify inventory before placing order
  • No instant access to comprehensive customer information and track record
  • Inability to perform demo at client site
  • Time consuming sales activity

Indusa’s Field Sales App enhances employee productivity, improves information access and increases customer satisfaction.

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Benefits include:

  • Real-time order creation
  • Access inventory and pricing systems to enable creation of new quotes
  • Place and process orders in real time, complete with delivery dates
  • Access comprehensive customer information & track record
  • Seamless payroll processing
  • Provide an on-the-spot invoice or receipt
  • Access up-to-the-minute real-time travel directions
  • Smaller sales cycle
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Better employee utilization
  • Better Business Management

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