AX Roadmap Definition

We, at Indusa, focus on the full life-cycle implementation of Dynamics AX with businesses from different industry verticals. We believe in a process-driven implementation where the rich functionality of Dynamics AX is combined to a capable and efficient business process to deliver outstanding performance.

We make it a point to understand our client’s requirement and work on how Dynamics AX can be used to streamline the process and increase efficiency. Our Roadmap Definition is thus created. Apart from business processes, we also focus on reporting and metrics that AX can deliver.

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced functional and technical experts who work to increase the return on investment and also reduce the risk of such projects which can be complex. We combine our experience across many industries and companies and our client’s knowledge of their unique company needs and thus create a winning combination.

We ensure:

  • Optimal use of technology by implementation of best-practices
  • Single point contact for all technology aspects like implementation and support
  • Well developed, professionally installed and configured Dynamics by the experts

Indusa helps its customers to have automated and enhanced business processes and easy reporting resulting in quick and substantial return on investment.

Road Map to Success of Dynamics AX Project:


Milestone 1: Diagnose

  • Step 1: Confirm Business Need
  • Step 2: Assign Champion
  • Step 3: Form & Train V-team
  • Step 4: Executive Communication


Milestone 2: Analyze

  • Step 1: Assess Your Current Processes
  • Step 2: Evaluate Need for Skills Development
  • Step 3: Identify & Communicate Risks & Rewards


Milestone 3: Design

  • Step 1: Process Redesign
  • Step 2: Systems Readiness
  • Step 3: Sales Readiness
  • Step 4: Drive Process Acceptance


Milestone 4: Develop

  • Step 1: Custom Development
  • Step 2: Implementation Pilot
  • Step 3: Test Customer Acceptance


Milestone 5: Deploy

  • Step 1: Deploy Sure Step Training
  • Step 2: Customer Message Training
  • Step 3: Take Proficiency Assessment
  • Step 4: Go Live


Milestone 6: Operate

  • Step 1: Re-Assess your Adoption Maturity
  • Step 2: Measure Customer Satisfaction
  • Step 3: Management Reinforcement Coaching
  • Step 4: Communicate Results

Topics: Dynamics AX Implementation | Dynamics AX Customization | Dynamics AX App Integration | Dynamics AX Upgrade | AX Support and Maintenancee

Case Studies:

ERP Customization, Enhancements and Support Services for a global firm in lighting business

Summary: Indusa implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX for the client providing high-quality services and reduced supply chain costs. The solution optimized engineering and service processes and increased agility and enhanced the efficiency curve for the client.
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Dynamics AX Maintenance and Support Services for an Electrical Equipment Firm

Summary: Indusa provides its maintenance and support services for an ERP system. We worked on various modules for customization and issue resolving, report modification and creation, and enhancements. Further services included customization, implementation, enhancements and reports generation for some modules using Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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