AX Application Integration

The capability to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with multiple systems within the enterprise as well as external applications is a universal requirement nowadays. Application Integration Framework (AIF) and Business Connectors are used to forge the integration between the system and the application. AIF provides an extensible framework for the exchange of data and business logic in real-time with external systems.

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Indusa offers a variety of connection strategies for each of Microsoft Dynamics AX integration needs, depending on which connection is compatible with your systems. We provide Dynamics AX Integration services for integration with Content Management Systems, HR Solutions, Finance Solutions and Supply Chain Management Solutions.

Topics: Dynamics AX Roadmap Definition | Dynamics AX Implementation | Dynamics AX Customization | Dynamics AX Upgrade | AX Support and Maintenance

Case Studies:

Field Sales App to Process Sales Orders On-site

Summary: Indusa developed a field sales application integrated with Dynamics AX and saved sales order placement time by 37%. The app enables the field workforce to enter sales orders from customer’s location.
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