Today’s project-centric service organizations — which includes IT firms, marketing and advertising companies, construction and engineering firms have to manage and handle diverse activities. They have to handle revenue issues, meet rising customer expectations and also develop the new breed of next-generation professionals. They have to meet these goals and more without sacrificing on service quality or hampering the ROI factor.

Firms who do multiple things right all the time mostly have an integrated approach to addressing their core business challenges:

Client relationships

  • Building and converting connections into revenue and capital
  • Effective and tried-tested marketing models
  • Boost in annuity services and sales
  • Expansion into foreign markets
  • Mutual negotiation of profitable SLAs for both parties

Global resources

  • Sourcing of intellectual, labor and capital assets
  • Performance management with fresh talent
  • Multilingual and multicultural integration of the overall workforce

Service delivery

  • Innovation across people, processes, and ecosystems
  • Right expertise for fulfilling the right need at the right time
  • Remote service delivery techniques
  • Transparency and integrity in project control

Financial results

  • Real-time visibility into operations for better decision-making
  • Quick insight into service delivery and billing processes
  • Prompt awareness of risk conditions
  • Compliance with diverse and evolving regulations


Why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX and Indusa for Service Organizations?

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a powerful, agile and a very easy solution, delivered on a unified technology platform, to help diverse set of firms to streamline service delivery, enhance productivity, and drive profitability.

With Indusa’s services, you can leverage AX capabilities:

Powerful: Drive service delivery efficiency by specific add-ons tailored to your needs

  • Assess and identify the needs of global clients before-hand with the help of forecasting and planning solutions
  • Boost operational consistency with routine processes and shared services along with transparency in third-party dealings

Agile: Stay dominant and preplan your next action beforehand in the volatile market

  • Ensure service and delivery as per client expectations with flexible SLAs.

Simple: Connect with service teams, partners, vendors and clients easily

  • Get projects-specific sites in place using custom-made templates
  • Initiate and encourage virtual teaming

Topics: Dynamics AX for Manufacturing | Dynamics AX for Retail | Dynamics AX for Public Sector

Case Studies:

Rental Add-On Development for Dynamics AX for Faster Rental Asset Allocation

Summary: Indusa created a rental add-on for Dynamics AX 2012 that extended and scaled up the Dynamics AX system. The add-on was created to develop technical design documents and included numerous rental contracts specific to the business.
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Maintenance and Support Services for ERP Customization and Implementation

Summary: Indusa provides its maintenance and support services for an ERP system of a service provider for manufacturing firms. We worked on various modules for customization and issue resolving, report modification and creation, and enhancements.
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