Today’s consumers are well-informed, and tech-savvy, even willing to scour for more channels than before. To address the changing market and its habits, retailers need to have a faster system in place to operate faster and smarter. It is also necessary for them to transform their erstwhile businesses into state-of the-art and agile enterprises where client retention through customer satisfaction is a core value.

To do so, retailers need quick collaboration amidst disparate systems connected to each other with a common ground. Additionally, there is a need of role-optimized retail management systems that can deliver BI output and graphical research to aid better decisions. Challenges include:

Consumer loyalty

  • Volatile customer attitudes toward inventions and technology
  • Drastic shift to online channels
  • Volatile brand loyalty
  • Powerful insight to pricing and promotions
  • High pressure for giving a better shopping experience
  • Huge Social networks that easily influence popular opinion and demand


  • Increasing competition
  • Multiple Stores stressing on “one-stop” shopping
  • Launch of new formats and new trends
  • Reduced chances through online channels


  • Technology limitations
  • Less flexible and agile legacy IT infrastructure
  • Difficult to integrate and implement new technology with existing IT investments
  • Disparate systems for POS, ERP, and merchandizing
  • Diverse workflows negatively impacting customer experience

Why choose Indusa and Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is perfect ERP solution for Retail Owners that offers enterprise retailers with a multiple out-of-the-box capabilities for different uses including point-of-sale, retail store management, supply chain management, warehouse management, merchandising, etc.

Indusa optimizes the use of Role-based interfaces in AX 2012 to help drive productivity, and giving clear visibility into the customer and its loyalty, and inventory data. With AX 2012 features specifically for Retail, you can:

  • Boost returns in your business with a single, powerful and comprehensive solution.
  • Add stores and expand one’s reach into new trading channels.
  • Get operations done smoothly and quickly even with a changing workforce.

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Case Studies:

Field Sales App to Process Sales Orders On-site

Summary: Indusa developed a field sales application integrated with Dynamics AX and saved sales order placement time by 37%. The app enables the field workforce to enter sales orders from customer’s location.
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Drop Shipment Order Process Handling using Dynamics AX to Boost Sales

Summary: Indusa handled drop shipment order processing for various sales channels of the client. Indusa re-modeled the processes and increased revenue by 23% by integrating it with Dynamics AX.
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