Public Sector

Public sector organizations have to strike a fine balance while responding to constituent demands and misinformation and oversight. One needs to take a firm stance taking into account the four strategic imperatives:

  • Workplace revamp and modernization
  • Open and transparent government
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
  • Fiscal accountability

A familiar and user-friendly solution can quickly realize the above goals by providing easy access to information and tools which are critical to decision-making and enhancing constituent services.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX and Indusa for Public Sector Organizations?

Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you juggle with different priorities and domains simultaneously. You can work with your finances, procurement, HR, public relationships, grants, government projects, fiscal budget control and service delivery—all with a low TCO and fast time to value. Indusa’s expert AX functional experts can help you to tailor the solution as and when required

Public sector organization benefits include:

Powerful: Built for government, delivering quick operational efficiency with reliability

  • Faster delivery of constituent services, and crystal-clear transparency.
  • Empower your staff and boost productivity.

Agile: Helps you respond quickly to different requirements and implement legislative mandates with minimal risk

Simple: Provides a common, innovative UI that includes visualizations which resembles other Microsoft products

  • Familiar user experience which makes it extremely user-friendly
  • Simplify information sharing

Indusa also leverages Microsoft Dynamics AX and its specific capabilities to meet different regulatory requirements of public sector organizations globally.

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