Indusa successfully builds a robust Retail Merchandizing Solution in Dynamics AX for an ISV

Oakbrook, Terrace, IL, USA – March 21, 2014: Indusa is glad to announce that it successfully built a Retail Supplier Solution in Dynamics AX with Business Intelligence capabilities for an ISV who is an enterprise solutions and consulting services provider. The solution is an ERP integrated framework built for the purpose of streamlining the supplier-retailer relationship with the use of consistent Dynamics AX and maximizing client sales at the lowest cost.

Some of the key features of the retail supplier solution include:

  • Planning and Forecasting: Pre-season and in-season planning, capture events and promotions to ensure accurate forecasting
  • Season Management: Track of every store, season, event and assortment, clustering of the stores and groups, less data entry and more data accuracy
  • Data Visualization: Use of data visualization tools and central data repository helps analyze the performance of the forecast, season and roll outs

The basic requirement of the client was to develop a complete Retail Supplier Solution for their end users, enabling retail vendors, brokers, retailers to effectively plan, forecast and execute seasonal programs.

It is a Dynamics AX based solution which allows the supplier and retailer to plan assortments down to store level during the season which helps to occupy more shelf space and ensure maximum revenue for both the supplier and retailer. It builds a robust master planning module and intuitive forecast bench while centralizing the key data points like sell-thru and sell-in data and also enables a configurable process. It gives the freedom of clustering the stores or groups as per customer specific, channel specific or any important element. The solution also helps to make accurate shipment and replenishment calculations based on the various degrees of allocated space of each store and also uses a user friendly shipment journal. It also reduces the task of extracting valuable information from the high volume data of sales given in different formats by the retailers. Also data visualization can be embedded wherever needed in the program lifecycle.

The solution helps in demand driven merchandise planning; effectively forecast, plan, execute and replenish seasonal programs; planning and forecasting of upcoming season or product roll out while accessing necessary data; connecting sales, planning and operation teams through a centralized system; providing execution tools for standard, promotions and other supplier-retailer programs; at the same time assuring maximum revenue for both the supplier and the retailer.

According to Manoj Nair – Dynamics AX Practice Head, Indusa, “This complete Retail Supplier Solution was developed to cater retail suppliers, making Microsoft Dynamics AX a premier ERP solution. We are glad to build this comprehensive solution in a period of less than 12 months.”