Indusa Achieves Authorized Microsoft Education Reseller Status

Oakbrook Terrace, IL, March 13, 2013: Indusa recently achieved Authorized Education Reseller Status for Microsoft, which will enable the company to promote and do business with Microsoft products for the Education Sector. Indusa met the eligibility criteria easily since it has been a veteran IT solutions provider for the industry.

To its advantage, Indusa can now even market Microsoft’s newest offerings for the Education sector. With the launch of Cloud offerings on subscription basis, Indusa can now market and offer tailored solutions for Office 365 implementation for the benefit of the education sector.

The Microsoft® Authorized Education Reseller (AER) program is a specialized program which can help authorized companies to sell Microsoft products at academic prices to Qualified Educational Users (QEU). All resellers are required to achieve the status of Authorized Education Resellers (AERs) for the purchase and reseller rights of Academic Volume Licensing.

The program also seeks to improve communication between Microsoft and the resellers who are keen to improve business prospects in the education sector. By updating the reseller companies about their products and changing approach and providing documentation for the same, Microsoft is trying to ensure that they create innovative solutions for the education sector to achieve anytime anywhere learning solutions.

By becoming authorized to market Microsoft Academic Edition software licenses to education customers, Indusa has established itself as special Microsoft solutions provider which is ready to innovate and provide the best services to its customers.